40 Breathtaking Home Decor Ideas to Welcome Fall In

October 05, 2017

40 Breathtaking Home Decor Ideas to Welcome Fall In

Adiós summer. Hello, fall!

Breathe some fresh air into your home decor with these 40 fantastic fall decorating ideas.

It all starts at the porch...

  1. Add a Bonnie Harms Designs seasons wreath to your front door.
  2. Coordinate colors and choose from a modern color palette.
  3. Everybody loves pumpkins. Tantalizing autumn colors, metallic chic, or crisp white work perfectly.
  4. Skip the carving. Add bows to your pumpkins for some extra flare.
  5. Keep your porch balanced and symmetrical.
  6. Use an old wooden ladder as a planter.
  7. Silver, gold, and metallic leaves are your friends.
  8. Bright benches. Rustic chairs. Make your front lawn inviting with some seasonal seating.
  9. Vines, greenery, hale bales, dried cornstalks, and mums all make for perfect fall foliage.
  10. Smaller porch? Line up your items or stack them.
  11. Chalkboards with cute images updated for each holiday can add a whimsical touch to your porch.
  12. Don’t forget to add some cozy pillows and plaid covers to rocking chairs and seats.
  13. Visit local thrift shops. You never know what interesting seasonal signage you might find.
  14. Outdoor lanterns with faux foliage and berries can add some rustic appeal.
  15. Orange ribbon. Pinecones. All white mini-pumpkins. Grownup Halloween can be frightfully cute!
  16. Fall is always a great time for faux colorful fall leaves. Display them in a basket.
  17. Monogram door decorations, pumpkins, and even flower pots.
  18. Personalize those pumpkins by etching your address into them.
  19. Don’t forget lighting. Orange and darker toned hanging lights can add to the ambiance.
  20. Autumn themed doormats are a must before your visitors step in.

Welcome autumn indoors...

  1. Keep it subtle in your living room. A scattering of pumpkins and corn husks will do the job.
  2. Go petite. Small wreaths, delicate ribbon, small pumpkins, or a few sprigs work wonders.
  3. Use your mantel! Small bundles of foliage, feathers, and pumpkins create a perfect scene.
  4. Spruce up the kitchen with a wide glass terrarium filled with small pumpkins.
  5. Autumn centerpieces made with berry sprigs and wildflowers go perfectly with votive candles.
  6. Have fun with the kids. Paint acorns and pine cones autumn colors and place them in vases.
  7. Turn a small pumpkin into a vase.
  8. Indian corn is a colorful way to celebrate the season. Place some in a wicker basket.
  9. Frame some gorgeously colored autumn leaves.
  10. Create a comfy reading nook with some throw pillows, a rustic bench, and plaid quilts.
  11. Swap that summer rug for a tan luxe carpet.
  12. Wreaths aren’t only for outside. A Bonnie Harms Designs wreath will look amazing in your foyer.  
  13. The temperatures are cooling down. Layer some rugs to keep things interesting and warmer.
  14. Driftwood and freshly-cut wood in a basket can add a flare of fall to any home.
  15. From pillows to quilts, reupholstered chairs to throws, you can’t go wrong with plaid for the fall.
  16. Velvet is a hot trend this year. Velvet pillows and throws are absolutely attention-grabbing.
  17. Woven textiles are great accents. Hang some wicker baskets to spice up the scene.
  18. What’s up with your ceiling? Bold colors and textures are sure to bring it alive.
  19. Create a gallery of old family photos for holiday get-togethers.
  20. Create some space to store your visitor’s coats, rain boots, hats, and gloves.  

Need more fall decorating ideas? Or maybe a splendid wreath to get into the seasonal spirit? Bonnie Harms Designs has just what you need.

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