Welcome to Bonnie Harms Designs, where handcrafted artisan wreaths and home decor is our speciality.

Our handmade wreaths and speciality home decor items make the perfect gift for any occasion. From holidays to birthdays, school functions to special announcements, our vibrant handmade speciality items are sure to jazz up any home, room, office, or celebration.

Bonnie Harms has over a decade of experience in designing and creating these amazingly unique wreaths and home decor items. What started as a passion for crafts soon came to full fruition because of a school fundraiser. Needing a special gift to donate to her child’s school, Bonnie decided to take matters into her own hands.

So she did what any motivated self-starter would do:

Bonnie purchased the materials she would need for her first design and got crafty. Many...MANY hours later...viola! Bonnie Harms Designs was born!

Since then, Bonnie Harms has mastered her technique and takes great pride in offering personalized items and custom designs per customers’ requests. Finding inspiration in everyday life, Bonnie is always on the search for new and provocative items and designs to work with.

With some invigorating music blaring through her speakers, a glue gun, and some tantalizing items at her disposal, Bonnie’s creative juices begin to flow and her masterpieces begin to take form.

When not designing and creating beautiful wreaths and home decor items, Bonnie helps to operate a rental management and construction company. Oh—and did we mention she’s also mother to five fantastic children? Bonnie Harms is indeed a potent whirlwind of energy!

So, when you’re ready to be the envy of the entire neighborhood, Bonnie Harms Designs has just the wreath for you.

We are always designing new items, click here to see our latest and greatest creations.