Need a Gift? Here Are the 5 Best Wreath Ideas for New Homeowners

April 19, 2017

Need a Gift? Here Are the 5 Best Wreath Ideas for New Homeowners

Did your best friend just purchase a new home? Or perhaps your sister finally got that condo she’s always dreamed of. Did your favorite cousin just get married and purchase their first home? Maybe it’s an event as simple as your little brother finally getting his own apartment.

Whatever the momentous occasion, you probably want to give your loved one a gift as special as they are. But you don’t want to give them the same old bathroom towel set or coffee mug that everyone else will.  

That’s where Bonnie Harms Designs comes in. Our unique and specially handcrafted wreaths are sure to add a touch of elegance and liveliness to your loved one’s new home.

If you’re not sure where to begin, then consider the following 5 best wreath ideas for new homeowners. 

Alma Mater Wreath

A wreath designed around the university your loved one attended can be a beautiful and unique reminder of where their journey began. Plus, universities and colleges always pick the perfect color combinations, so you know the wreath’s colors scheme will be truly vivid and distinctive.

Favorite Sports Team Wreath

Here at Bonnie Harms Designs, we know that girls and guys love their favorite sports teams equally. From Sunday football games to summertime baseball innings, our favorite sports teams remind us of some truly memorable moments.

That’s why gifting a friend or family member a custom-made wreath fashioned around their number one team can be a great memento of all the good times watching them play. Just remember, if your friend or family member is buying a house with their significant other, you might just have to get two!

Seasonal Holiday Wreath

Depending on what time of the year it is when your friend or family member moves into their new digs, a seasonal holiday wreath can go a long way in helping them to decorate for an upcoming holiday. 

This is especially true as moving into a new place can be a little taxing on the wallet. Make decorating a little easier for them their first year (and for years to come). Whether Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, or any other holiday in between, a seasonal holiday wreath is a gift that keeps on giving.

The Wedding Wreath

Many times, our friends and family members purchase their first home (or rent their first apartment) just after getting married. It’s a truly special memory that should be captured in as many ways as possible - and a wedding wreath is just one of those possibilities.

Consider ordering a custom-made wreath from Bonnie Harms Designs that complements their wedding colors and scheme. Not only can they use it as their first home decoration, they can continue to celebrate every anniversary with that very special gift.  

Commemorate a lifetime of love, happiness, and prosperity with a charming and graceful wreath that is sure to add joy to any relationship.

The “Just Because” Wreath

Sometimes giving a loved one a present “just because” can be even more memorable than for any special occasion. Perhaps you never got around to gifting your best friend a “housewarming” gift. Or you suddenly realized your older sister doesn’t need TWO crockpots.

The “just because” wreath can be a truly meaningful and unforgettable gift because it was done - just because.

Want a gift that shines above the rest? New homeowners will absolutely love wreaths from Bonnie Harms Designs!

Moving into a new house is an especially thrilling and once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Capture that special moment with a custom handmade wreath from Bonnie Harms Designs.

Our handcrafted home decor items are sure to wow and make your gift recipient the envy of their neighborhood!