5 Great And Easy Ways to Decorate Your Small Space

July 31, 2017

5 Great And Easy Ways to Decorate Your Small Space

Living in a smaller home or apartment?

It may seem like a difficult task to find the right piece of furniture for your quaint space. But don’t worry. There are definitely ways to get by and make your space shine like no other.

Regardless of how much space you really have, you want to make sure the area is open and inviting. Also, give the outside of your home as much love as the inside.

So what are the secrets for decorating a small space? Bonnie Harms Designs has 5 great and easy tips.

1. Illusions

The art of illusion is a decorator’s best tool when it comes to small spaces. For example, hanging a mirror across from a window will double the light and make the room feel larger and brighter.

Remember one rule of thumb, the smaller the space, the larger the mirror should be. This West Elm floating mirror is a great example of something you would look for.

If big and bold is not your style, hanging a few small mirrors in a creative pattern will work as well. Just think of them as a work of art.

Another option is to move in some mirrored furniture - but take heed - less is more in this case. If you are one for the more modern look, a small glass coffee table would make a great conversation piece.

2. Make Use of Corners

Corners tend to get ignored. Be bold and add a small side table to give you that extra space you so desire.

Are you a reader? Adding a comfortable chair will give you a cozy place to curl up and catch up on the latest best sellers out there. Just because you are living in a smaller area doesn’t mean you have to give up style.

3. Storage

When it comes to hiding clutter, we need to be clever. Buying furniture that also acts as storage space is the perfect option. It will keep things neat and save you from that anxiety crowded spaces bring. Joss and Main’s, Kathleen Mirrored Chest, is a perfect example.

Ottomans are another excellent choice. Many of them have hollowed out centers where you can place books, magazines and more.

4. Patio

Patio’s that are small in square feet can be tricky to feel comfortable in. Especially when you have a few guests. Don’t worry! You can still make it work. When looking for furniture, think SMALL!

Look for a small bench that will fit in the area. This will add some seating space for you and your guests.

Instead of placing plants on a small table or on the floor, hang them. This will give you more space to mingle without worrying about knocking things over. And don’t forget the power of lighting. Hanging lanterns or a cool set of string lights will give you the effect of a loungy and comfy feeling.

5. Front Door

You want your front door to reflect who you are. Choosing the right doormat is a must. Grab some attention with one that includes characters, or if you prefer simple, a friendly “Welcome” mat will do.

Bonnie Harms Designs can be of great benefit when it comes to glamorizing your front door. We offer one-of-a-kind, specialized wreaths for any and every occasion.

You can also add a decorative wind chime to add some pleasant sounds of natural music.

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