Celebrate Fiesta ‘18 with a Wreath From Bonnie Harms

January 30, 2018

Celebrate Fiesta ‘18 with a Wreath From Bonnie Harms


South Texas sure knows how to get down! From San Antonio to Brownsville, the upcoming months are going to be full of fun, food, festivities, and good ol’ Texas culture. With all this energy and excitement in the air, what better way to celebrate in the revelry of it all than with a gorgeous, handcrafted wreath from Bonnie Harms Designs.

Our immaculately designed Fiesta Wreaths are bold, vibrant, colorful pieces crafted to match the exhilaration of San Antonio’s Fiesta event and Brownsville’s Charro Days. These one-of-a-kind wreaths are sure to bring a rejuvenating energy to any home; make your home the talk of the neighborhood.

If you’re interested in purchasing an artisan wreath from Bonnie Harms Designs, place your order today! Below you’ll find some of our most exquisite and highly prized Fiesta Wreaths.

San Antonio Fiesta ‘18

San Antonio Fiesta started as a one-parade event in 1891 as a way to honor the heroes of the Alamo and Battle of San Jacinto. Over a century later and some 3.5 million party-goers come together annually to enjoy the festivities in San Antonio.

In commemoration of the original Battle of Flowers Parade, Bonnie Harm Designs has a number of splendidly designed pieces meant to capture the allure of the cultural event:

1. Las Terracitas Paper Flower Wreath

Bright. Colorful. Engaging. This sweet spring or summer decoration features a grapevine base laced with vibrant Mexican paper flowers and a cascade of streaming ribbons in coordinating colors. Measuring approximately 22” in diameter, this paper flower wreath is ideal for indoor use.

2. Amazing Grace Fiesta Wreath

Breathe new life into your home with our dynamic Amazing Grace Fiesta Wreath. Made with an assortment of brightly colored Mexican paper flowers and adorned with a beautiful turquoise satin bow, this piece is sure to brighten up your home. Measuring approximately 16”, this is the ideal gift for a friend or special someone. Please note that this wreath is recommended for indoor use.

3. San Antonio Fiesta Wreath

Our San Antonio Fiesta Wreath captures the spirit of Fiesta. Measuring approximately 24” in diameter, this wreath is adorned with vivid waterproof/weatherproof ribbon bows, paper flowers, and streaming ribbons accented with a sombrero, pinata, serapes, and Mexican dolls. You’ll be shouting, “Viva Fiesta!”, when you see this one.

4. Feliz Dia Wreath

Feliz Dia translates to “Happy Day” in English and that is exactly what this wreath is meant to do - make your day happy! Featuring a bright and colorful mix of lime green, bright orange, turquoise, and yellow Mexican paper flower on a grapevine base, the wreath is approximately 20” in diameter.

5. Viva Fiesta! Feather Wreath

A signature BH Designs Fiesta wreath, this piece is absolutely loaded with lush, rich feathers, Mexican paper flowers, a sombrero, a serape, and an Indian doll. Make a statement with our Viva Fiesta! Feather Wreath.

6. Sweet Caitlin Fiesta Wreath

Made with bright silk flowers mixed with ribbon bows, a Mexican pinata, and a cascade of streaming ribbons, our Sweet Caitlin Fiesta Wreath is sure to put you in the spirit of Fiesta. This BH Designs classic measures approximately 22” in diameter and 60” in length.

7. Fiesta Crowns

Don’t just show up to Fiesta, make a memory. These Mexican paper flower crowns are the perfect touch to a day of happiness and joy. Stand out with our lightweight, adjustable, sweet floral crowns. And when someone asks you where you got it, remember to tell them Bonnie Harms Designs!

Brownsville Charro Days ‘18

San Antonio’s Fiesta event isn’t the only amazing festival we’ll be celebrating in South Texas. We can’t forget about internationally renowned Charro Days in Brownsville. The energy is just as amazing and the people just as warm. Get into the spirit of Charro Days with one of Bonnie Harms Designs’ spectacular wreaths like:

8. On the Rio Fiesta Wreath

This client favorite is decorated with ribbon bows, sombreros, maracas, Mexican paper flowers, streaming ribbons and much more. Another variation from our Fiesta wreaths collection, this wreath has the same spirit and measures approximately 20" in diameter. The On the Rio Fiesta Wreath also comes in a 16” version for those looking for something smaller.

9. La Bonita Wreath

Start celebrating Charro Days and spring early with a La Bonita Wreath made from dazzling silk flowers on a grapevine wreath base. Awe-inspiring hues of purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, blue, and green are arranged in a festive way. This wreath measures approximately 20” in diameter.

10. Rio Grande Fiesta Wreath

Our splendid Rio Grande Fiesta Wreath is the perfect wreath for any event - but especially Charro Days. Adorned with ribbon bows, sombreros, serapes and Mexican paper flowers, this vibrant wreath is a fun way to celebrate a little south of the border fun.

Capture the spirit of Fiesta and Charro Days with an amazing wreath from Bonnie Harms Designs.

Fiesta Wreaths are perfect all year long!

Or if you are seeking a custom designed wreath, send us an email of your idea at bonnie@bonnieharmsdesigns.com along with your name and phone number. We will work with you and do our best to make your vision a reality.

If you have any other questions about our products and what we can offer, contact us at (956) 655-2935.