Decorator, Know Thyself: 7 Key Questions and Actions To Know Your Own Style

September 25, 2017

Decorator, Know Thyself: 7 Key Questions and Actions To Know Your Own Style

The beauty of decorating your home, a room, your porch, or even just a small corner of your house is in the freedom that comes with choosing décor that exemplifies your personality.

From colors that match your temperament to textures that mimic your mood, and décor that sings to your spirit, decorating your space can truly be an amazing experience. But sometimes it can be a challenge if we don’t actually know what we like or how to express our own style.

Here at Bonnie Harms Designs, we love to help our clients discover the designer hidden within them. We get excited working through the process of helping you discover your personal preferences, favorite styles, color choices, and ideas.

When we create your wreath, we want it to be an exact representation of your style. It’s our philosophy to start with the basics and work our way through until we find the right personal aesthetic design that oozes you.

In order to get to that point, there are a number of key questions and actions that you can take to help familiarize yourself with your own style preferences.

7 Key Questions To Discover Style You

1. What do you love about your home décor?

This is an essential question that can help you to uncover some hidden themes and nuances that you might not have noticed about your personal style.

Recognizing frequently used colors, textures, and designs can provide some keen insight into what type of décor would best match your personality.

2. What mood do you want to create?

Consider colors and the effects they can have on your home. Do you enjoy neutral colors that offer a more calming setting? Or how about splashes of color that add some character?

Furniture and textures also go a long way in setting the ambiance of your home or room.

3. What home décor pieces inspire you?

Is there a cherished item (or items) that has been the inspiration for your current design theme?

Pay attention to what type of trends these objects have set in your home and how they are related to the rest of your home décor. You should be able to use them as guideline stepping forward.

4. What aesthetic look are you going for?

This can be one of the most challenging questions to answer just because there are so many styles to choose from, with what seems like an ever-growing list. HGTV offers a nice overview of some of the most frequently used styles.

Remember that this isn’t a choice you have to stick with your whole life. You can mix and match as you choose and change things up when you decide so.

5. What look or items would you purchase if the budget was not an issue?

Budget restrictions can put a damper on home décor ideas. This wonderful exercise can help you think freely about your dream design without the worry of cost.

There are always creative ways to redesign an idea you like without breaking the bank.

6. What type of person are you?

The lifestyle you live can inspire and guide your home décor style. Are you an outdoorsy type that relishes in natural settings? Consider the types of fabrics and colors that can express that love for the great outdoors.

Perhaps you have small children and prefer a simpler design for the time being. Take into account your job, pets, family, friends, and hobbies to help you uncover décor that can match your needs.

7. What don’t you like?

Knowing what you DO NOT like can be helpful to bring some clarity to your decision. Don’t waste time considering home décor you would never want to represent your character or personal taste.

Unleashing Your Style

With a little guidance and push in the right direction from Bonnie Harms Designs, you’ll be ready to unleash your personal style and wow friends and family with home décor that screams you.

When you’re ready to unleash your style to the world don’t forget to:

1. Be bold. Be brave.

There’s no shame in exploring your tastes and giving freedom to the creativity that lurks within. Don’t be afraid to go with what feels good to you. Even if it’s a little out of the ordinary.

Masterpieces are not created by always following the rules.

2. Don’t forget your focal points.

Show love and emphasize your favorite focal points in a given room. Complement them by adding subtle items and nuanced color to give them the attention they deserve. A wall painted a different color, artwork, large mirrors, photos or engaging furniture tend to work wonderfully as focal points.

3. Negative space is your friend.

Some home décor styles encourage a little more accessorizing than others. But you’ll still want to avoid clutter, which can really dampen the energy in the room and scatter attention across too many objects.

4. Let there be light.

The right lighting can really make your style shine. From simple chandeliers to island-billiard lights, desk lamps to even window lighting, pay heed to how you organize your rooms. The perfect lighting fixtures can add flavor, affect paint color, and create a totally different ambiance depending on how you decide to use it.

5. Don’t forget to call on the professionals.

Going from point A to Z when it comes to decorating a home is no easy task. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to get some help when you need it.

The right decorator should help you discover your true décor style without meddling in and adding too much of their own personal preferences. A little guidance can go a long way.

Need some guidance on choosing the right home décor item? Bonnie Harms Designs is here for you!

It is an absolute pleasure to work from the ground up with clients who are in search of the perfect home décor item or wreath to spruce up their home.

Our team at Bonnie Harms Designs has the experience, creativity, and desire to help bring to life exactly what you are looking for. We make matching your style to our wide selection of items easy.

Even if you need a something a little more personal, we can help to make your vision a reality.

Contact us today at 956-655-2935 if you need any assistance figuring out your style and let us design a wreath that breathes you!