One-of-a-Kind: 7 Killer Reasons Handmade Gifts Are the Best

May 08, 2017

One-of-a-Kind: 7 Killer Reasons Handmade Gifts Are the Best

We’ve all been there—wandering aimlessly through big box stores, searching for the perfect gift for that special someone. Going through aisle after aisle of the “same old, same old,” and dealing with dozens of zany shoppers.

And even when we do finally find something we think they might like, we still have to deal with those long lines.

Why not switch things up a bit?

If you’re looking for a special, one-of-a-kind gift for a friend, family member, significant other, coworker, or even just yourself, Bonnie Harms Designs has just what you need.

Specializing in vibrant, handcrafted wreaths and home decor items, Bonnie Harms Designs is sure to have a gift you just can’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for a custom-made design, or already have your eyes set on one of our products, a gift from Bonnie Harms Designs is sure to leave a lasting memory.

If leaving that special someone in awe isn’t enough, then consider the following 7 killer reasons handmade gifts are the best!

  • One-of-a-Kind
  • Sometimes the hardest part of shopping for someone else is finding something they don’t already have. Handmade gifts are sure to be unique and can be the perfect option for that person in your life who has everything. Make your friend the envy of their entire neighborhood by getting them a rare item from Bonnie Harms Designs.

  • Make It Personal
  • Handcrafted gifts are awesome because you usually have options for customization. At Bonnie Harms Designs, we can include favorite colors, flowers, designs, and even monograms. Because you can personalize your gift for that special someone, they’re guaranteed to appreciate and enjoy it even more. With customization, the possibilities, just like their happiness, are endless.

  • High Quality
  • How many times have you purchased a gift that breaks after the first week? Stop dealing with mass produced items and companies that don’t care about quality. At Bonnie Harms Designs, our beautiful wreaths and specialty home decor items are made from only the finest materials and with impeccable attention to detail. Because we take such great pride in our work, we want to make sure any gift you purchase from us is sure to last and bring joy for years to come. You just can’t beat quality when it comes to handcrafted items.

  • Good For the Environment
  • You know those mass-produced items that get made in those huge factories that spew pollution into the air and then get shipped around the nation by gas guzzling semi-trucks? Those aren’t always the most green items. But because our handcrafted specialty items are made only when you need them (and last for years) you’re actually helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Doesn’t it feel nice to do some good for the environment?

  • Handcrafted Gifts Make For Great Surprises
  • Oh great, another pair of socks. Why not surprise your loved one this special occasion and purchase something unexpected. Our handcrafted wreaths and home decor items at Bonnie Harms Designs are sure to leave them blissfully in shock. Don’t worry though...those are tears of happiness.

  • They’ll Actually Use It
  • Because handmade gifts are so gorgeously made, the recipient of the gift is more likely to actually showcase that special present in or outside of their house. Plus, because they are high quality, they’ll last longer and can be cherished indefinitely.

  • Supporting Your Community
  • Handmade gifts are made locally, which means you help to support the community and local economy. Or even when gifts are shipped within the country, it still goes to benefitting us all for a variety of reasons.

    Handcrafted gifts from Bonnie Harms Designs are the best!

    Whether in celebration of a holiday, birthday, special engagement, school function or just because, a handcrafted wreath from Bonnie Harms Designs is sure to add some sparkle to the scene.

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    We’re sure that special someone in your life will enjoy displaying their gift as much as we cherish creating them.