Spring Wreath Ideas from Bonnie Harms Designs

March 13, 2018

Spring Wreath Ideas from Bonnie Harms Designs

Celebrate the arrival of spring with a new handmade wreath from Bonnie Harms Designs. For over 10 years, Bonnie Harms Designs has been creating works of art to beautify your home. There is no better place to find the perfect spring wreath that will outfit your home for the new season’s celebrations and showcase the beauty of spring than Bonnie Harms Designs.

Bonnie Harms Designs has a wide variety of beautiful handmade wreaths for springtime—from colorful Easter egg wreaths to more subdued and elegant Easter crosses. If you can’t find the perfect wreath to fit your desired aesthetic, you can also custom order a handmade wreath. Call Bonnie Harms Designs at (956) 655-2935 or visit our McAllen location to find the spring wreath of your dreams.

Spring Wreath Ideas 

Spring is the perfect time of year to freshen your home’s style. After the long winter months, it is an ideal time not only to spring clean your home but also update your décor. An easy and inexpensive way to revamp your home’s style is with a new artisanal wreath.



  • The “White Floral Cross Wreath” is a lovely wreath for any Easter occasion. White flowers adorn a grapevine base in a simple, yet elegant style. This classic wreath measures approximately 30 inches in height and 18 inches in width and is a beautiful symbol of this special holiday.
  • The “Easter Eggs Wreath” is a unique twist on the classic Easter egg wreath. The base of ruffled burlap ribbon nicely contrasts with the glittered eggs that come in an array of pleasing pastels. Two feet of deluxe satin ribbons hang from the 17-inch wreath to finish the lovely look.
  • The “Carrot Patch Easter ” is a whimsical wreath with carrots, Easter eggs, and a bunny. Measuring approximately 24 inches by 24 inches, the square wreath base is faux boxwood from which sprays of yellow and pink flowers perfectly pair with its cantaloupe-colored bow.



  • The “Basket of Cherry Blossoms” boasts an exuberant spray of light- and dark-pink cherry blossoms that are sure to delight. A moss-covered basket and natural burlap loop for hanging are just some of the thoughtful details that make this wreath, measuring approximately 29 inches in height and 28 inches in width, such a delightful arrangement.
  • The “Bird’s Nest Wreath” is a delicately detailed wreath of natural beauty. The unique rectangular base is a combination of twig wire and moss, and the flowers are pale hues of spring’s best colors. Accented with a petite bird’s nest and lovely bird eggs, this 18-inch by 24-inch wreath is sure to please.
  • The “Pretty in Pink Floral Wreath” is a stunning square wreath that measures 26 inches by 26 inches. Highlighting the multi-layered petals of luxurious cabbage roses, this wreath includes flowers of pale, deep, and salmon-colored pinks that create a rich palette of pink perfection.

Order your spring or Easter handmade wreath today.

If you are ready to add some springtime delight to your home, call Bonnie Harms Designs today at (956) 655-2935. Her experience and artistry have surpassed customer expectations for over ten years and she is sure to have the perfect wreath for you.

Whether you choose an Easter wreath with bunnies and eggs or a spring wreath with beautiful blossoms, your home will feel fresher and look its best for the most promising and pleasing season of the year. You can order any wreath from the website online or by phone, or you can have a custom-made wreath designed just for you.