Summertime Decor 101

July 13, 2017

Summertime Decor 101

There’s still a little over 2 months before summer officially ends, which means you still have some time left to enjoy those bright and sunny summer days.

Of course, one of the best ways to celebrate the season is by decorating your home with some of this year’s colorful decor trends. Keeping your home stylish this season can be quite simple if you find just the right accents to spruce up your living space.

Consider the following summer decor tips to make your home shine.

1. Colorful Table Settings

Get your table to scream summertime by setting it the right way. Adding colorful nautical, tropical, or floral themed dishes with your everyday plates and glassware is a great way to bring summer to your table. Another way to liven the space is to place fresh cut flowers in clear mason jars or the vase of your choice to add some natural beauty to the setting. Nothing says summer quite like some fresh sunflowers or calla lilies placed perfectly for your guests to enjoy at your next dinner party.

2. Add Some Art

A fun way to add some color to drab walls is to find vibrant pieces of art to hang around your home. You can find original artwork from local vendors or visit your nearest flea market to get your hands on some affordable and spectacular pieces. If you haven’t got the time, get on your tablet and search away. There are hundreds of great pieces that you are bound to find for your specific taste. Hanging a small collection or a large piece of bright art will definitely add some summertime vibes to your home.

3. Lighten Up Outdoor Spaces

We see it everywhere we go. From restaurants to outdoor venues. You just can’t seem to escape string lights at those cool and trendy patios. It’s almost a necessity to have some cool string lights to make it official that summertime has indeed arrived.

Having lights hung around your outdoor space makes your home more inviting and gives you and your guests a little-added light when it gets dark outside. Bright fluorescent lights can be replaced with something more subtle, such as lanterns and torches. Spending time outdoors in the evenings is what summer is all about, so gather your family and friends and enjoy the clear nights gazing at the stars.

4. Welcoming Your Guests

We all want our guests to feel at home from the moment they step foot on our front porch and what better way to do that than adding a whimsical doormat or a striking and creative wreath to your front door. Doormats are a fun way to express yourself and to provide a taste of what your interior home decor is like.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of mats to illuminate your summer that will match with your unique style.

There’s also the trend of customized wreaths and you don’t want to miss out on placing one on these spectacularly designed pieces right at your front door this summer.

Admit it, as you are driving around throughout the day, it’s hard to keep your eyes off of those amazing wreaths hanging so eloquently on neighborhood front doors. You can be the envy of your own street with a one-of-a-kind wreath from Bonnie Harms Designs. If one of our pre-made pieces isn’t quite what you are looking for, you can always request a customized piece.

Bonnie Harms Designs is here to make your home as welcoming and decorative as you would like this summer season.

This summer, stay on top of the trends, and there is no doubt that you will have your guests leaving your home saying all the right things about your awesomely decorated space. If you have a custom designed wreath in mind, feel free to contact us at (956) 655-2935, or send us an email at, along with your name and phone number.

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