Welcome Baby With a Gorgeous Gender Reveal Wreath

May 09, 2018

Welcome Baby With a Gorgeous Gender Reveal Wreath

Here at Bonnie Harms Designs, we know that welcoming a new baby into the world can be an incredibly joyous time for parents, family, and friends. A baby shower can be even more exciting when having a gender reveal party! We are always happy to help you celebrate any occasion, especially a new baby!

We have been proudly making custom wreaths for baby showers and gender reveal parties for over 10 years. We enjoy our long-standing ties to the community of McAllen and the greater Rio Grande area. But did you know we also ship our wreaths nationwide?

For more information about our baby gender reveal party wreaths, call Bonnie Harms Designs today at 956-655-2935.

Gender reveal wreaths can be used in so many different ways! Some fun ideas for using custom baby wreaths after the party include:

  • Hanging on the nursery door or wall(s)
  • Hanging on the house front door with a chalkboard sign message
  • Hanging in the hospital


Additionally, for the big gender reveal ceremony, a wreath revealing the baby’s gender may be placed in a gender reveal box and opened in front of guests! Since we create all of our pieces by hand, we can ensure that your desired wreath fits (style and size wise) into your gender reveal box. It is fun to have many designs to choose from!

Some of our popular baby wreaths include:

For the special occasion of a baby shower or gender reveal party, we can also create a custom wreath just for you. We use high-quality materials and pay great attention to detail to every wreath we create.

Whether you choose one of our existing designs or have your own vision, we know you’ll love your custom wreath from Bonnie Harms Designs!! To discuss having us create a wreath for your baby shower or gender reveal party, contact us today at 956-665-2935.